The National Evaluation System for health Technology Coordinating Center (NESTcc) Strategic and Operational Plan outlines an approach to building a fully operational and sustainable Coordinating Center to help enhance the use of real-world evidence (RWE) generated in the routine course of care. This five-year plan provides a roadmap for tackling the lack of high quality, near real-time, and low-cost evidence to support regulatory, coverage, patient, and clinical decision-making.

The NESTcc Strategic & Operational Plan focuses on four primary strategic priority areas:


NESTcc will establish an effective governance structure to support short-term activities and long-term goals. To date, NESTcc has formed a functional and efficient Governing Committee, selected its Executive Director, grown its team of full-time staff, and established four subcommittees. Over the next year, NESTcc will continue to make progress by ensuring governance is consistent with sustainability plans, produce a mid-year staffing assessment based on the findings of the forthcoming NESTcc sustainability plan, and manage the ongoing assessment of Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies.

Data Network

NESTcc will develop its Data Network by establishing mature Data Quality and Methods Frameworks and becoming a preferred resource for industry and other stakeholders for RWE studies. NESTcc will also develop and implement a blueprint for active surveillance, consider the expansion of the Data Network and explore options for using data sources from outside the US, and implement a transparent triage system for Data Network requests. Interim results from Round 1 Test-Case projects will also be received by NESTcc along with the launch of Round 2 Test-Cases.


NESTcc will establish its sustainability by develping and implementing a sustainable business plan, including products and services and a staffing model. To accomplish this, NESTcc will complete a market analysis and develop and implement a complete business plan, as well as engage stakeholders to use NESTcc products and services.

Stakeholder Engagement

NESTcc has established its brand, developed targeted communications materials for key stakeholder groups, and launched several communications channels to engage stakeholders across the medical device ecosystem. NESTcc will look to establish itself as the front-door to conducting RWE studies, develop into a Collaborative Community, solicit feedback from the medical device ecosystem on key projects, and disseminate learnings and progress on RWE Test-Cases.