NESTcc posts Request for Participation 23-MP1001

Request for Participation 23-MP1001

Expanding on previous work, the objective of this Request for Participation is to establish additional strategic partners to form the NEST Marketplace. The Marketplace and its partners will be able to efficiently curate, aggregate, and analyze health data, and will contribute to advancing the capabilities of the NEST Marketplace. This Request for Participation serves as a vehicle for NESTcc to select and qualify new strategic partners to serve in the Marketplace. It requests proposals describing what each respondent can do in five critical aspects of impactful RWE studies. Unlike a Request for Proposals, this Request for Participation does not request specific deliverables or their costs. These will be defined between NEST and selected Marketplace partners in a subsequent master services agreement (MSA) and/or statements of work (SOWs) via which specific deliverables and compensation for those deliverables will be defined and agreed upon. The Marketplace partners will work with NESTcc and with each other, as necessary, to optimize data access, quality, completeness, and analysis viable for generation and synthesis of fit for purpose RWE.


This opportunity to become a partner in the NEST Marketplace is open to private-sector, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations, especially those with experience in medical device evidence generation methodologies and supporting infrastructure (e.g., governance, IT and security, using interoperability standards [via FHIR or CDM] to enhance collaboration and automation).

Details and Requirements:

Each respondent is encouraged to frame the response in terms of how your organization can participate in the marketplace to further the NESTcc goals. The proposal should be submitted in the form of a presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi, Canva Google Slides), not to exceed 40 slides, and should include a plan for development and implementing the following:

Key Dates for the RFP:

Key Dates
Posting Date November 15, 2023
Indication of Interest Deadline December 15, 2023
Due Date January 15, 2024
Invitation to Pitch January 23, 2024
Pitch Days February 5 thru 9, 2024

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