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ICYMI: you can still access last week’s #pctGR presentation featuring NESTcc Executive Director @Fleurence here: | Learn more about the work NESTcc is doing to test the feasibility of its envisioned #DataNetwork @PCTGrandRounds

2 days ago

Excited to join @MDIConline for its patient-centered #clinicaltrial design workshop today and hear from experts at @RTIHS @MichaelJFoxOrg @MIT @FDAcdrhIndustry | If you’re unable to attend in-person, there is still time to join the workshop virtually:

2 days ago

In just a few days, NESTcc Executive Director @Fleurence will help kick off #ISPORBaltimore by moderating the First Plenary Session on the transformational role of #digitalhealth in generating #RWE joined by @McMurryHeath @texhern @SallyOkun & @DabicDanica

3 days ago