NESTcc has assembled a Research Network to advance the generation of Real-World Evidence (RWE) and foster collaboration with stakeholders across the medical device ecosystem. The NESTcc Research Network is comprised of internationally recognized institutions with access to robust data, organized into standardized common data models, including domains such as demographics, diagnoses, procedures, laboratory tests, and outcomes.

The reach of the NESTcc Research Network spans a population with more 220 million patient records across the United States and the UK. We continue to expand the Research Network to incorporate innovative research capabilities, enriched and disparate data sources, and additional breadth across geographies and patient populations.

Our Research Network by the Numbers

220 million+

Total Patient Records*

*Does not account for duplicate records​




Hospitals/Medical Centers

Data Sources

The 17 Network Collaborators comprising the NESTcc Research Network have access to a range of available data sources, including those listed below.

Electronic Health Records (15/17)
Pharmacies (12/17)
Claims (15/17)
Registries (11/17)
Patient-Generated Data (14/17)
Unique Device Identifiers (3/17)
Supplemental (Billing 6/17 | Supply Chain 5/17 | Genomic 2/17)

Network Characterization

Our Research Network encompasses key characteristics to generate relevant and reliable real-world evidence, including but not limited to:

Data Insights

  • Coverage
  • Diagnoses
  • Imaging
  • Laboratory
  • Medications
  • Outcomes
  • Procedures
  • Provider
  • Vitals

Data Standards

  • CPT
  • FHIR
  • ICD-9/10
  • RxNorm

Common Data Models

  • I2b2
  • OMOP
  • PCORnet
  • Sentinel

Research Experts

  • Clinicians
  • Data Scientists
  • Database Administrators
  • Epidemiologists
  • Informatics Specialists
  • Public Health Analysts
  • Statisticians

NESTcc Network Collaborators

NESTcc has established formal partnerships with Network Collaborators – health providers, academic research institutions, payers, and professional registries – that collect, curate, and analyze data to ensure that it is fit for purpose. Network Collaborator teams include experts with capabilities leveraging health data and applying advanced analytics to facilitate linkages among data sources.

NESTcc works together with our Network Collaborators to inform and streamline research for the generation of high-quality evidence: establishing core data sets, using common definitions, and outlining data quality and methods that expand the possibilities of real-world data to answer questions of interest.