C. Michael Gibson, MS, M.D. is an interventional cardiologist, cardiovascular researcher & educator.  He is the CEO of the combined non-profit Baim and PERFUSE research institutes at Harvard Medical School.  The institutes have led over 1,000 studies, published 3,000 manuscripts in the peer review literature, and have led 60 FDA submissions from their network of 7,000 sites worldwide.  In 2014, 2018, and 2019, Gibson was ranked as one of the world’s most highly cited authors in all of science in the past decade.

Dr. Gibson is a practicing interventional cardiologist who has held numerous leadership positions in medicine including positions as a Coronary Care Unit Director, a Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Director, a Chief of Cardiology and as a Vice Chairman of Medicine.

Gibson has led phase 1-4 clinical trials, and cardiology megatrials of over 15,000 patients which eventuate in international approval of drugsas well as devices.He is currently leading the randomized HEARTLINE trial of up to150,000 patients which is being conducted virtually at 1% of the cost of a traditional randomized trial.

As an innovator, Gibson invented measures of coronary blood flow that are widely used today (the TIMI myocardial perfusion grade and the TIMI frame count).