Flora Sandra Siami, MPH, brings 25 years of experience in corporate management, clinical and RWE research, and strategy and business development to her role as senior vice president of NESTcc. Ms. Siami guides the strategy and operations for NESTcc programs to advance the goals of stakeholders including patients, providers, payers, industry, regulators, and others. She also leads NESTcc’s efforts to become a trusted platform in the timely generation of real-world evidence (RWE) and a key partner in solving pre- and post-market challenges in the medical technology space.

Prior to joining NESTcc, Ms. Siami served as staff vice president of Clinical Research, Regulatory Affairs, and Quality Assurance at HealthCore, Inc. In this role, Ms. Siami led the Clinical Research business unit that directed early- and late-phase trials utilizing the real-world data ecosystem, with a specific interest in rare, orphan, and underserved diseases, as well as pediatric, elderly, and minority populations. She also oversaw the business unit’s pharmacovigilance and medical device activities, quality system administration, and domestic and international regulatory affairs efforts in 31 countries.

She served in leadership positions for 15 years at New England Research Institutes, Inc., including as the scientific integrity officer, and oversaw the NERI Institutional Review Board. In addition, Ms. Siami has a proven history in leading multi-stakeholder collaborations for clinical and regulatory decision-making in the medical device industry. She has given over 45 scientific presentations and has over 50 publications in major medical journals and book chapters.

Ms. Siami received her BS from Vanderbilt University and MPH from George Washington University.