Richard Smith, MBA, is the Vice President of NESTcc. He brings extensive medical device experience throughout the total product life cycle (TPLC). This experience encompasses sponsoring research for the discovery and clinical study of biomedical technologies to overseeing the regulatory approval and commercialization of resulting products.

Prior to joining NESTcc, Richard held the position of Director, Translational Research for The Hartwell Foundation, where he was responsible for guiding the translation of discoveries from funded investigators across seventeen prominent U.S. academic institutions. He is also an accomplished business professional with over 25 years of experience in the biomedical industry and has held several leadership positions, including Founder of Tutela Industries, a privately held company chartered to assess early-stage medical technologies and provide commercial guidance on business plans, product development and regulatory pathways; Chief Executive of BrainZ Instruments, a biotechnology spinout from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, created to commercialize innovative technology enabling continuous neurological monitoring of high-risk newborns; and General Manager, Perinatal for GE Healthcare, a leader in maternal and neonatal care products and services. His prior work experience also includes various executive positions in business development, product development and worldwide sales and marketing.

Richard received his MBA from Loyola University in Maryland. He also holds both a European and U.S. Patent.