View the recording of our informational webinar on the NESTcc Active Surveillance Roadmap.

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The National Evaluation System for health Technology’s (NESTcc) Active Surveillance Roadmap summarizes progress made to date and describes forward-looking plans and activities needed to develop NESTcc’s active surveillance capabilities.

The Roadmap details the technical characteristics of a cloud-based, federated learning environment to perform safety signal refinement and signal detection using real-world data via a planned data network.

Additionally, the document describes planned research methods and procedures to ensure data quality along with guiding principles around signal management and communications to ensure active surveillance capabilities are scalable, secure and equitable to all stakeholders.

NESTcc sought public comment by October 11, 2021, on the draft Active Surveillance Roadmap to ensure the stated capabilities and strategy meets the needs of the medical device ecosystem.

On Thursday, September 23, NESTcc held an information webinar to give an overview of the Active Surveillance Roadmap, answer questions from the medical device ecosystem and provide guidance on submission during the public comment period.