NESTcc Announces Launch of NEST 1.0

NESTcc has announced that it has officially opened for the management of sponsor-funded research projects to advance the use of real-world data (RWD) in medical device evaluation.

The public launch of NEST 1.0 is a key inflection point in the maturity of NESTcc, signifying both the demonstrated capabilities of our Research Network and the strategic value of NESTcc in ensuring real-world evidence (RWE) is reliable, relevant, and timely. To date, NESTcc has been leading Test-Case projects funded through an FDA grant to accelerate its progress and provide proof of concept for generating high-quality RWE for medical devices across the total product life cycle.

“In this new phase, NESTcc is catalyzing the use of RWE in the medical device ecosystem,” said NESTcc senior vice president Sandra Siami, MPH. “We will continue to innovate using novel methods to inform clinical, regulatory, and reimbursement decision-making, empowering medical device stakeholders with evidence that is vital to improving patient health outcomes.”

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