Title:  Feasibility of Using Real-World Data to Evaluate Thermal Ablation of Liver Tumors

Technology of Interest:  Ablation Device

Disease Area:  Surgery

Duration:  9 months

Network Collaborator(s):  Duke University Health System; Vanderbilt; Mayo Clinic; Weill-Cornell

This test-case assesses the ability of the NESTcc Data Network to reliably and validly capture Real-World Data (RWD) on class II surgical devices with a general indication for use to study the safety and effectiveness to support a more specific indication.
The Device of Interest is intended for the ablation (coagulation) of soft tissue via percutaneous, open surgical, and laparoscopic techniques. The product is a class II medical device and entered the market through the 510(k) pathway. FDA has not required clinical data to clear any thermal ablation products with a general soft tissue indication. The product is used in real-world medical practice to ablate several types of soft tissue lesions, including cancers; especially in the liver. The use of thermal ablation to treat unresectable liver tumors is supported by multiple national and international treatment guidelines and standards of care. However, no thermal ablation device currently has an indication that includes the treatment of benign and malignant non-resectable liver tumors.
This test-case will explore the feasibility of generating evidence on the use of this product for the ablation of non-resectable liver tumors, either benign or malignant. The feasibility assessment will examine if the NESTcc Data Network Collaborators capture the necessary data elements, if the data are of appropriate quality (e.g., reliability and relevance) and there is a sufficient population for a representative sample to support future regulatory submissions to expand the indications for use and be used to inform physicians about treatment options for patients.

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