Announcing Michelle McMurry-Heath, MD, PhD and Adrian Hernandez, MD, MHS as NESTcc Governing Committee Chair and Vice Chair

NESTcc is pleased to announce the appointment of Michelle McMurry-Heath, MD, PhD (Johnson & Johnson, AdvaMed Representative) as Chair of the NESTcc Governing Committee with Adrian Hernandez, MD, MHS (Duke University School of Medicine) serving as Vice Chair.  The official confirmation of these positions, each serving a non-renewable two-year term, follows a formal nomination and review process by the NESTcc Governing Committee with approval from the MDIC Board of Directors.  Drs. McMurry-Heath and Hernandez will be instrumental in helping NESTcc achieve its mission to accelerate the development and translation of new and safe health technologies, leveraging Real-World Evidence (RWE) and innovative research.

As NESTcc Governing Committee Chair, Dr. McMurry-Heath will be responsible for engaging key stakeholders to ensure success in meeting NESTcc milestones as well as chairing and presiding over Governing Committee meetings.  On her nomination and confirmation as Chair, Dr. McMurry-Heath said, “It is an incredible opportunity to work with the other members of the Governing Committee and the staff to shape the development of the NESTcc.  There is nothing more exciting than to work with talented people on a challenging and important task.  I am honored to be chosen to serve as the Chair of this incredible group.”

Dr. Hernandez, serving as the NESTcc Governing Committee Vice Chair, will also be responsible for engaging key stakeholders to ensure NESTcc’s success, as well as presiding over NESTcc Governing Committee meetings in the Chair’s absence, and assuming the role of Governing Committee Chair upon completion of their two-year term.  “The incredible work of NESTcc and its Governing Committee across diverse stakeholder groups is truly unique within the medical device ecosystem.  I feel humbled to have been selected to the position of Vice Chair and look forward to collaborating on the growth and impact of NESTcc.”


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